Museum of Toys

Content Experience

January 2019 - March 2019

How do you share your story to the audience?

Museum of Toys is a space that permanently exhibits a huge collection of vinyl toys. Lining up the designer toys on the display shelves doesn’t exactly show the culture and history that heavily influenced the designer toy scene. How, then, do you show the rich experiences behind each vinyl toy beyond each brushstroke, spray paint, and sculpture?
Replacing a tour guide, 10 didactic panels are framed on the walls of the museum. These panels contain stories, 5 about the rich culture behind designer toys and 5 about the showcased artists. We helped Museum of Toys decide on the tone to use, the themes of the copies, and do all the research needed to draw a vivid picture of the designer toy scene. Walking a fine line between educational and quirky, we wrote up copies that are still fun to read, reflecting the creative and self-expressive ideas of these art pieces. Visitors can read the panels as they go around the art space and learn about the wonders of these toys.

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Popularitas designer toys menunjukkan transisi dari mainan tradisional yang dibatasi oleh lisensi dan tradisi yang kaku ke bentuk yang lebih dinamis dan berwarna, dimana pembuatnya lebih bebas berimajinasi.

See how the artists breathe their own artistic styles and influence into a 3D form and the blank figure canvas.

Provocative, bold, and finely crafted, designer toys are here to redefine art.

Infusing the flawless precision that the Germans are known for into the energy and creativity of collectible figures, Coarse elevates the artistic expression in designer toys to a new level.

Known by many as the "Godfather of Street Art”, Ron English brings his iconic street art style into the designer toys scene.

Dalam bentuk seni baru ini, ketelitian dan dedikasi dalam teknik-teknik seni digabungkan dengan gaya warna-warni yang terinspirasi dari pop culture.

Dibuat dalam berbagai bentuk dan ukuran, platform toys merupakan kanvas kosong dimana seniman dan kolektor dapat mengembangkan ide dan desain mereka sendiri.

Provokatif, berani, dan dibuat dengan teknik yang baik, designer toys membuat kita berpikir lagi apa sebenarnya arti karya seni.