CSR Report 2017

January 2019 - March 2019

How do you turn a cliché into
a sincere story?

Developing Allianz’s CSR Report, we realized that we were working with a disillusioned audience who sees CSR as mere requirement fulfillment. We decided that we had to find the right angle to show that these CSR programs were actually making a difference.

After studying different CSR Reports, we figured out that we had to focus on impact. For each issue, we began with data about the realities of Indonesia, then delved into Allianz’s effort to improve each one, and the results thereof. Through infographics and stories, we also showcased the direct impact of these programs both on a global scale and a personal scale.

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This attitude is driven by Allianz’s value that helping others is not just a part of corporate social responsibility, but a genuine act of caring.

Inisiatif empat pilar CSR Perusahaan berangkat dari realita yang kami temui selama puluhan tahun beroperasi di Indonesia.

As one of the main pillars of the Company, we truly understand the negative impact of waste if this 
goes unresolved.

At Allianz Indonesia, we believe that the social programs that we implement require the support of every individual in the organization.

Lewat jalinan kerja sama dengan berbagai mitra terkait, program CSR kami dapat berjalan dengan baik, tepat sasaran, sekaligus bermanfaat bagi masyarakat secara luas.

Di Allianz Indonesia, kami memaknai tanggung jawab lebih dari sekadar memenuhi kebutuhan.

In the future, we hope that new volunteers from different backgrounds will emerge to support future social activities that we have planned.

Memahami peran kesehatan dalam menggerakkan roda perekonomian Indonesia.