Some people think that having a side hustle is a waste of energy. It would be better to rest and spend the weekend refreshing, wouldn’t it?

On the other hand, others say that having a side hustle is more than just about extra income. In 2011 Jessica Alba, the actress, founded The Honest Company, a lifestyle brand that manufactures baby, health and beauty, and home care products. Other well-known names include Justin Timberlake, who has restaurant, clothing line, even golf course management businesses. The famous singer Madonna also spends her free time writing children’s books.

Having side hustle does require a lot of energy, money, and time. Then, why do they do it? What are they after?

It’s not just the about money

Henley Business School published a research titled The Side Hustle Economy, which reveals that side hustlers are not just looking for additional income. Rather, they want to fulfill their passion. The study found that 73 percent of the respondents involved work on a side hustle as a hobby or to pursue a dream that does not relate to their main jobs.


As quoted from Forbes, Snapchat US’ Head of Creative Strategy George Wacks, said that having a side hustle encourages you to reflect on questions like what you are pursuing in your career. What are your short-term goals? Where will you be ten years from now? These types of questions help side hustlers explore and determine their purpose in life.

Encourage creativity

Who would have thought that having a side hustle that allows you to do your calling can foster your creativity in your main job? Josh Ritche, the co-founder of Column Five, is happy to let his employees have a side job, especially if it suits their hobby. “In fact, I’ve noticed that when someone is turning their passion for photography, furniture, ceramics, or inspired living into a side hustle, they infuse our office with creative energy, excitement, and ambition. This makes them great people to pull into a brainstorm, tackle problems, or help us look for a better solution,” he said. Side hustlers can bring fresh ideas to the office, where they earn their main livelihood.

I’m one of those who benefit from having a side hustle. As a nine-to-five content strategist, I explore ideas and research on various industries under tight deadlines every day. Sometimes, I need to refresh my mind. Luckily, I have a side hustle: music. I’ve been playing in a band since middle school. For me, playing music is one hell of a stress reliever. Music is also my extra source of income. It’s true that not all of my gigs actually pay, but at least they fulfill my inner needs.

My favorite side hustlers also happen to be in the music scene. Take Seringai as an example. Formed in the early 2000s, the Jakarta rock unit consists of side hustlers that I look up to. Arian13 (vocalist) primarily works as an illustrator, Sammy Bramantyo (bassist) is a radio broadcaster, Ricky Siahaan (guitarist) is the manager for Iko Uwais and a writer for a magazine, while Edy Khemod (drummer) serves as creative director at the Cerahati production house. As reported by Tirto, Khemod said, “We are not like other musicians, who devote themselves to music. We have a job.”

For some people, side hustle is a sure-fire way to make money. Others see that side hustle is good for their mental health. Through side hustle, we can improve our ability to manage schedules and expand our network. Side hustle can be a way for us to use our talents. How about you? Do you already have a side hustle or are you planning to start doing one? Whatever your reason for doing it, make sure it brings you closer to your goals. Cheers!

by Yudhistira