The Content Company

A content agency based in Jakarta, we help you build
relationship with your audience through content
across different platforms. Backed with over a decade
of content creation experience, we produce contents
that actually tell your story.

Our infrastructure is designed for the creation of
fresh and unique contents based on the latest market
and industry trends to support your long-term
marketing strategy.

Our Team

For a decade, Tammie has written, edited, and translated for national and international organizations and media. With versatile professional experience covering content marketing, publications, journalism, and law, she’s well versed in a variety of industries and content style from lifestyle to banking.

Tammie Pramono

Founder & Director

Nyda has more than 10 years of experience in content management, planning, developing concept, writing, and editing for national and multinational brands. Her experience spans different industries from FMCG to energy, and a variety of platforms, including videos, digital, and print. She has worked for creative, advertising, and communication agencies in different roles from strategic planning to writing.

Nyda Aulia

Content Director

Caroline Peni

Finance & GA Manager

Ezzat Kemal Zulkarnain

Marketing & Account Strategist

Galuh Tara

Administrative Assistant

Audrey Chaerunnisa

Senior Content Strategist

Juli Etha Manalu

Senior Content Strategist

Ali Topan Ramadhan

Content Strategist

Unies Ananda Raja

Content Strategist